Not only did we beat our estimated goal of shipping out the Oh Joy Sex Toy book to our Kickstarter backers (We estimated November, got it out in October. Awwwww yeeeeeeeeeeh), but we’ve now opened up sales of it to EVERYONE.

Yes, that’s right! The first OJST book is now open to the public to buy!

It collects the first year’s worth of comics into 268 pages and weighs in at nearly 2lbs, PLUS a TON of bonus comics and content! This book is hefty and Matt and I are super proud of it.

You can read Amber Unmasked’s review of it or check out these endorsements of the content below:

“A great and hilarious resource – some of the best sex ed out there!”
-Dan Savage (Savage Love, Savage Lovecast, American Savage, The It Gets Better Project)

“Erika Moen’s Oh Joy, Sex Toy is a revolution in laughter and a hardcore exploration of the orgasm. It’s a refreshingly frank comic strip about vaginas, sex toys and human sexuality.”
-Rich Goldstein for The Daily Beast

“I think this Oh Joy, Sex Toy thing that Erika Moen is doing is really awesome.”
-Stoya on Twitter

“It is written and drawn with such gosh-darn sweet enthusiasm by Erika Moen (with the occasional guest-shot from husband Matthew, who provides a dude’s perspective) that even if your tastes are tamer than Moen’s, I think you’ll find it a perfectly wonderful read.”
-Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing

“We adore OJST and can’t get enough of your reviews!”
– Good Vibrations on Twitter

“…Oh Joy, Sex Toy is more than just “sex positive”— it’s sex enthusiastic, sex euphoric, sex giddy.”
-Alison Hallett for The Portland Mercury

“The best part about OJST? It’s actually diverse and inclusive of all identities!”
-Amy LaCount for Bust Magazine

“It’s a fun and funny tour through the various pieces of orgasm-aiding technology, with occasional detours into sexual health.”
-Lauren Davis for io9

“This playful, hilarious, and informative sex-themed comic has become very popular, and the work that is has done as a sex education resource is probably immeasurable.”
-She Bop on