Honestly, getting a handful of fancy massage candles in the mail has been a highlight of the month! Massages are pretty much the greatest.

We’re not crazy on the idea of dropping $30 on a candle, but some people are into super expensive luxury items! Here are our links of places to find them:

Buy Afterglow from our Friends (With Benefits)

Lovehoney also has a discount code for 15% off!

Lovehoney.co.uk also gave us a 10% discount code to give you!

Lovehoney.co.au also gave us a 15% discount code to give you, just click here!

Also! The Oh Joy Sex Toy book is now AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! 268 pages! Nearly 2lbs! One year’s worth of comics! Plus guest comics! Plus BONUS comics and content! You’re gunna love it, I promise.