It’s wild, but another year has zipped on by. Oh Joy Sex Toy is now 6-7 years old! If it was a kid, apparently at this age it would be able to tell time, and that’s just wild. Welp, we’re starting autumn and, like the last few years, it’s time to unveil our new sponsors for the next twelve months!

Friends, family, and Dearest Perverts…

Oh Joy Sex Toy is once again advertisement-free from now until September 2020 thanks to the generosity and support of and The Magic Wand!

We are delighted to have both of these amazing companies returning for a consecutive year. We love our Magic Wand and we adore the work puts out there, it really is a dream team of sponsorship. We’re honored.

If you are thinking, “Wait, I don’t understand, ‘sponsorship’, what are they on about?” then friend, don’t worry, we’ve included all the details of what exactly this is over on our Sponsorship page. Check it out to see what we’ve been doing.

We hope you like the new OJST team-up! If you want to be a hero and are so inclined; give our friends-with-benefits a click and let them know they are good folk for helping us and our unique little website.

Here’s to another amazing year <3 ♥️♥️♥️ Matt