I love comics like this. Mariana made us such a relatable lil story I think we can a lot of us can connect to! Who has ever truly felt comfortable on a hookup app?

We’re lucky that we’ve got a second Mariana comic in the wings scheduled for later too! Go drop her a hello and say hi for us!

Portland has been under a cloud of smoke this past week, so bad that we’re unable to even step foot outside and have to sleep in our useless-for-covid-but-good-for-smoke n95 masks (granted, so many folks on the west coast are having it worse). I mean, it’s in keeping with the 2020 theme and, at this point, it sort of feels like ‘ok yeah, sure, we should have expected this’. The time off we wanted to take last week? Disappeared into a haze of depression and… smoke. Things are supposed to be getting better later today with some scheduled rain. So keep your fingers crossed for us?! Hopefully, with some fresh air, we’ll bounce back into gear and a modicum of normality =)

If you’re also feeling the effects of the smoke and fires – man, our thoughts are with you. But also even if you’re NOT feeling the effects of smoke/fire – and just feeling ‘it’ – our thoughts are with you too. Things are hard!!! But you can do this. One day at a time.

Project Spotlight:

PDX Sex Workers Relief Fund

If you’re looking for ways to help support Sex Workers affected by the wild fires in Oregon, please join us in donating to the PDX Sex Worker Relief fund, which pays micro grants to BIPOC Sex Workers in the state. You can make a tax deductible donation through their fiscal sponsor, Call to Safety, or you can make a non-tax deductible donation by Venmo-ing PDXworkerrelief