This weeks a bit of a departure from the norm. See, we started work on an education comic a few weeks ago, then realized half-way through our work-week that it was NOT up to snuff. We we threw this little thing together. It’s not perfect, it’s NOT a rule set or a vetted guide, and, heck, half the things in here probably aren’t actually useful. Who knows? If you’re looking for a better guide, look to the CDC.

While we’ve had this particular comic loaded in our update reservoir, the United States (and some of the world) has been going through a huge important movement – Black Lives Matter. People are protesting and shouting out against the racial inequalities baked into the American system. We absolutely support this cause and the protestors, and behind the scenes we’re doing our part to show up (while maintaining a social distance), donate money, read, and participate in all the ways that we’re capable of doing. From the last post, here are some resources for folks to check out Black Lives Matter, Ways to Help, Educate Yourself, 43 Bail Funds You Can Absolutely Support Right Now, and Understanding and Dismantling Racism: A Booklist for White Readers (Remember, you can borrow these books from your library for free!). And here are some new ones, just for this post! Anti-Racism: Actionable Steps, Abolish the Police? But How Would We Stay Safe?, A Guide to White Privilege, Defunding the Police Means Re-Funding Social Services, and White People: We gotta talk about burnout.

Look after yourselves and those around you.

…If you’ve made it down this far, our next book’s pre-order Kickstarter wraps up in 8 days. We’ve decided not to promote our comics or Kickstarter on social media during these times because there are more important things going on. But, if you’re here on our site at the bottom of this blog post, well, that’s where we’re mentioning it /:)