Saucy, sexy, and stunning, this is a beautiful short comic just in time for the holidays by RimbleD! It’s also a comic that he’s promised to expand upon, on his Patreon! So, if you find yourself with a bit of solo-downtime this season and in need of something to read, go check out the extended directors cut over there (should be available in the next day or so)!

Alternative introduction for today’s comic that I’m loath to lose, so I’m posting anyway:
‘You’ll have to get good with your fingers if you want to master bow-craft

A huge thank you to RimbleD

Wishing you all a lovely holiday time! This past year has been absolutely wild for us, with so many shifts and changes, and we’re eternally grateful to still be here, making sex-positive comics (with your amazing help) Deeply thanksful and touched.

Small news; Ziggy’s been busy making our OJST search engine better! It’s still a deep WIP (who knew search functions could be so complex), but now the site ought to be a little smarter when you look for comics, keywords and tags. We’d love it if you give it ago. Sometime soon we’ll write up some behind the scenes info about it all, and alot of the thinking that’s gone into it all.

Smallest reminder:
There are now TWO different ways to get bonus content while supporting what we do here with Oh Joy Sex Toy!
The Erika Moen Monthly Patreon
The OJST per-comic Patreon