It’s September, which means it’s time to unveil our new round of sponsors for the next twelve months! Holy dang, I can’t believe how fast the last year flew by??? It feels like just a couple months ago we made the transition from multiple website banner ads to private sponsorship, but I guess it really has been a full a year.


Attention, attention! Your attention, please!


Oh Joy Sex Toy is advertisement-free from now until September 2019 thanks to the generosity and support of and The Magic Wand!
Matt and I are delighted to have The Magic Wand returning for a second year in a row and thrilled to welcome to our sweet, weird, sexy comic world.

If you are thinking “Wait, I don’t understand, what is ‘sponsorship’?” to yourself, then friend, don’t worry, we’ve included all the details of what exactly this is over on our Sponsorship page. Check it out to see what we’ve gotten up to.

So, yeah! Get used to seeing these guys’s sweet icons hanging out at the top of all our pages for the next year (Till September 2019) and give ’em a click if you feel so inclined. Matt and I are genuinely fans of what these two companies produce and have already full heartedly been recommending their services before all this, so it’s extra lovely for us that we get to work with them in this capacity now.