Oh my gosh you guys, we have some AMAZING news to share with you.
We’ve been keeping it hush-hush but now that ECCC is hitting (which we’re working – check out the info here!), both Limerence Press and OJST are finally able to talk about it!

It’s called DRAWN TO SEX!!!!
Kickstarter STARTS MAY 1, 2018

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Our aim is to make a few volumes, with this first one covering JUST the basics. Take a look at our education comics and look for the ones you might want to see in your FIRST sex ed book – chances are that’ll be in THIS BOOK! It’s gonna be all the good education-y stuff without the sex toy reviews and guests this time. It’ll be a more timeless and helpful book for those looking to learn about sex and wince at our bad dad jokes. We’ll be talking more about it closer to the Kickstarter, but here’s a sneak peek of the cover!

Same sort of thing as the previous years – we’re working with Limerence Press and will be Kickstarting for our own copies to sell and payment to live on, while they print for retail. SO EXCITED YOU GUYS.

I hope you’re all as excited as we are! The next few years are going to be amazing, we’ve got so many other secrete things in the pipelines =D =D =D

Here’s the Official Press Release (with our pals at Limerence’s info – if you’re a retailer and want to get in touch)…

Erika and Matthew are ready to talk about sex! Have you ever had a question about sex, but didn’t know who to ask? Well, Erika and Matthew have spent years learning, talking, and creating informative comics about all aspects of sex. Using comics, jokes, and frank communication, they’re here to demystify the world of sex and answer your questions—including ones you might not even know you had!

In this first book of the Drawn to Sex series, they explore the practical side of sex, from the basics of what defines sex, to barriers and testing, masturbation, and the ins-and-outs of having sex with other people.

Pick up this fun book if you’re looking to learn something new, understand sexuality better, or know someone (maybe you!) who might benefit from some judgment-free education. Erika and Matthew are here to help you out!

“We’re back and making the book we’ve always dreamed of! Nothing but sex education!” shouted Matthew Nolan. “After years of work, with the help from our pals at Limerence, we’re making you a book that’ll your answer your questions whether you’re starting out your sex life or you’re an old hardy pro. We’re gonna hit all the important notes, cover all the basics, and hopefully make you laugh along the way.”

For more information, follow Limerence Press on Twitter, or check out the Oh Joy Sex Toy website. Additional queries may be sent to the Oni Press Director of Publicity, Melissa Meszaros: melissa at onipress dot com