ECCC is DONE-zos! And gosh it was SO amazing. Thank you, everyone, for coming out and making us feel so loved. It was wonderful and empowering and gosh, we miss it already (want to see how it went? Check out our silly tweets from the past week, tons of photos and all!)

While our hearts are full, our bodies are WRECKS! We’ll be taking a few days to recover, then cracking on with making some sex ed comics! I know, I know – we’ve done 4 guest comics in a row and you deserve some Erika comics – but listen, we’ve been working on some awesome secret stuff and did a convention! To keep you satiated… did you hear about our NEW EDUCATION BOOK we’re gonna Kickstart in MAY?!?!

Today we’ve got a wonderful, personal comic from the talented Sara Valta on her first year of Polyamory. We heard from SO many of you at the con that you’re looking for MORE poly content, and I’ll try to sign on more artists for that subject as I go! In the meantime, give Sara’s a read over and, heck, go tell her how great she is on Social Media – that sort of positive feedback means the world <3

See you all next week, when -fingers crossed- we’ll have a comic for you on Vaginal Intercourse!!!