This year has been full of me recommending toys for you to spend your money on, but since you’re prolly gunna be getting plenty of gifts from your loved ones how about directing some of your cash to help a worthy cause, liiiiiiike….

Planned Parenthood

They provide vital healthcare to everyone, most especially those without access to other health providers. Sex education, contraception, reproductive health services– they’re doing good work and deserve all the support they can get.

Through December, all donations will be doubled by anonymous donors, so send what you can and it’ll be worth twice as much!

And if you’d like to get something a bit more tangible than the sense of satisfaction for helping people have educated and healthy sex lives, Lucy Knisley and I still have two more copies left of our Party With Planned Parenthood fundraiser limited edition print. $50 from each sale is donated to Planned Parenthood, and so far we’ve raised and sent them $1,400!
Party With Planned Parenthood
Happy holidays!