Oh gosh, it’s almost Christmas. Erika and I are planning a break super soon to rest up and get ready for 2015, which will be an awesome year for OJST.

So today I wanted to drop all you folks some links. Things have been happening in the NSFW world and you lot aught to hear about it!

Firstly, The Rock Cocks, updated today with a re-vamped first chapter. It’s in fancy color, comes with tons more character and sexiness, and we LOVE it. I hear they’re prepping for a Patreon soon, so fingers crossed we can all back that and get them updating more often.

Secondly, I’ve been reading a SUPER hot halfling comic by Incase. It’s pretty saucy and fantastic. If you’re looking for a good NSFW comic read, give it a chance, and, if you’re feeling supportive, visit their Patreon.

Much love friends!