Thank you so much to the charming and delightful Jiz Lee for taking part in our Ask a Porn Star series! Make sure you check out more of them at, on Twitter @JizLee, and, of course, see their most excellent queer porn & 30 person birthday orgy at CrashPad

Oh wow, so Jiz linked to a TON of products, too many to make buttons for! So instead Matthew made a few key links to all the mentioned products and a big button list for the G-Swirl, and where he couldn’t find it, its Fun Factory equivalent! Here goes!

SpareParts Harnesses
Aslan Harnesses
Cherry Bombin Roadster Harness

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Hey, you wanna see that sweet orgy scene closer up? I posted it up bigger sized on my Patreon for people who pledge $1 ;D