Oh my gosh. That first moment of intimacy. That first time you touch. That electricity!

A huge thank you to Sayuritake for today’s adorable SFW and almost-wordless comic on these two university freshmen experiencing their first spark.

In a lot of the emails I send out to potential comic artists when recruiting for OJST, I always make a point of saying that our comics don’t need to be NSFW or pure science or autobio. “…heck we’d even want comics on hand holding; anything to do with relationships really!” – I’m glad somebody finally took me up on it =D I think today’s comic is an absolute delight, and I hope you do too!

As an update:
The team and I have been drumming up thoughts this past few weeks!

This month will officially be OJST’s first full year without Erika at the wheel! We’re thinking it might be a great time to finally split the Patreon into two (one for her DBT mental health and autobio WIPS as she explores her book work) and the other for OJST as its own creature, with a team at the wheel (basically nothing changing, but now you’ve had a year to see us at work!)

Further afield in March/April 2023; OJST will officially be turning 10 years old. We’re thinking of running a pledge drive around then for the site’s financial health and adding a bunch of bonus content into the current $3 tier (I think we’ll turn this into a fancy Pledge-drive-bonus Tier). I’m hoping to set up some interviews and pick up a few secret-bonus comics for it all. I listen to a bunch of things on the Maximum Fun network, and I like how they handle the whole ‘one month a year – they plug a drive’, so I want to channel some of that energy! Heck, we’re artist-owned, audience supported, just like them, why can’t we make that work too!!!

– We’re ALSO thinking about the winter; when our Sponsorship will be up for grabs again. Gotta work on filling that out! Do reach out if this is something that interests you!