Hey gang! I’m excited to tell you all that we’ve become a part of Hiveworks as of today.

What does that mean, who are Hiveworks and why should you care? Well let me explain! Hiveworks is an digital publisher/advertising/marketing group that specializes in comics. By representing many comics they get the attention of larger advertisers and as a group they reap the larger rewards.

Hiveworks have been around helping us behind the scenes ever since we launched, from helping out with hosting issues, to buying our ad spots for Slipshine and Filthy Figments. We like them pretty great and you should too!

Going forward we’re going to be a larger part of Hiveworks, they’ll be selling and representing Oh Joy, Sex Toy on ad networks and filling our two top ads with new different adverts. Don’t worry: we’ll get to veto the ads so nothing terrible appears on your screens, and in the end we’ll get paid better! It’s pretty much a win-win for us, you, and the comics community as a whole.

We’re ultra excited!