Today I donated $1,150 to Planned Parenthood from the funds Lucy Knisley and I raised by selling the original artwork and limited edition prints of our Party With Planned Parenthood illustration.

We’re not done yet, though!

We haven’t sold out of all the prints yet, so we can still raise more funds for Planned Parenthood.

If we sell another seven prints, we’ll have raised $1,500!

And if we sell out, that number will be raised to $1,650

Party With Planned Parenthood
I will continue to make a lump sum donation at the end of each month until we sell completely out.

Want to see some of the work that went into creating this illustration? Lucy and I have a high-speed video to give you a taste of how this artwork came to be:

Party With Planned Parenthood from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s bought a print or the original artwork. I’m so excited we can all pitch in to help an invaluable organization and make the world a little more beautiful through the arts– at the same time ;)