A really fun NSFW comic for you all this week!

The duo that is Cathexis was awesome enough to sell us a license to post this once-Patreon-exclusive bonus comic after I reached out to them! When this thing popped into my inbox it just had me giggling so hard – I couldn’t NOT share it with you all. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Find more Cathexis, and tell them both they are paw-some!

We’ve had a few other cat comics in the past! I’d fully encourage you all to check out Lucrezia’s The Stare, followed by Erika and mines April Fools comic. It still fills my heart seeing that comic =D

Let’s get real and talk about the future.

Things are a bit in the air over here at the moment. Erika came back from her 2-week vacation with a decision to move away from OJST. So we’ve started to have some serious conversations about the future of the comic, money, and our creative careers. I’m not sure where the chips might land – Erika’s got autobio and other projects she wants to explore, stuff that isn’t sex education. Mostly, she needs to get away from the front line that talking about ‘sex’ puts you on- a front line we’ve been sat on for the last 8 years. But ending OJST leaves so much out there. How do we make a living? What will I (Matt) do? Write for books? Go back to video games? Be a manager, an editor, or something sex-education-related? Maybe I could keep the comic going somehow (get a partnership or a big pocket patron to support it and then update fortnightly with guests)? Or find somebody new as the artist? Or, or, or… so many options.

Oh Joy Sex Toy means so much to us both. It has given us everything. We collaborate, create, and live through it. The world beyond it feels impossible and scary. I guess neither of us really knew how much it defined us, till we started contemplating stopping. What do we even look like without it? What even am I without OJST or this weekly collaboration with my wife?

For the moment we’re not sure where things are going. We’re having lots of tears and conversations. I think one of our first steps will be to try switching Erika’s Patreon to monthly (a tricky thing to do, as we’d need backers to update their pledges, which isn’t a guarantee) so our income isn’t so reliant on an OJST-post-per-week schedule. If it goes well? Then maybe moving away from OJST isn’t so bad! Maybe it can be done slowly or OJST can still update semi-regularly or we’ll be fully supported on our way out.

There’s not much to be said or done. I just wanted to keep you keen-eyed readers in the loop. It also helps to type these things out.
We’ll keep talking and thinking. At some point we’ll make a decision; maybe when I run out of comics to post.

But hey, if you’re looking to send us support, consider the Patreon (then stay tuned for when we might switch it to monthly). And if you’ve got a brilliant idea or a spare $100k in your pocket: reach out to me.