Guest comic time!

Today wonderful furry artist Grey White steps in with this great comic on fursuiting! When we were talking story pitches I ended up requesting this subject, it’s a part of the furry world that I think is often misunderstood by those outside of the furry community, or at least, I’ve never truly understood it!

Grey did a great job of educating me and I hope you too! Send them some love!

After some community feedback, that the comic might not cover ENOUGH of the fursuting world, or covering it in the wrong light, Grey asked to have this added to the blog post:

Friends, at the end of the day, I wrote a love letter to my experience fursuiting and interacting with fursuits. I told my truth.
That’s all I can do. Tell my truth with my art and my comics, drawn from my experience.
Other people have different experiences! It’s great! People are complex and incredible! But I can’t tell their story. I can only tell mine.

I should also reiterate, that I asked for this specific comic in this specific approach. With a 400 word comic, I wanted something that approached the common person’s view of fursuits. People outside of the furry fandom usually have a skewered view that’s only ever focused on the sexual side of this form of costume play, like yiffing parties and adult furry art or that episode of CSI. One of these days I’m more than sure we’ll have another guest comic talking about the sexual side of fursuits!