Gosh, I think this is the coolest toy.

Pretty sure we won’t be making much use of it, it’s JUST outside both of our ass-comfort levels. While I only intend to keep this one as a desk ornament, we think its PERFECT for those of you out there who are looking to make the leap from intermediate to expert level anal experiences. Give it a try! Thanks for sending it our way Hole Punch Toys!

Buy it from one of our Friends (With Benefits)

As with Last week, we recommend you pick up some good thick non-silicone lube at the same time! And if your new to the anal-game, and missed last week: check out our well recommended beginner friendly Bootie Plug! Or our MUCH loved Njoys review.

This is our LAST shout out to remind you guys that we’ll be in San Fransisco this week! Come hang out and say hello to us on the 12th at Good Vibes Polk Store!