Aaaaaand we conclude my four comic break with this stunning strip by none other than legendary erotic cartoonist Jess Fink! She is best known for super dirtyadorable Victorian porno comic, Chester 5000 XYV. You can also tumble after her on Tumblr.

She writes,

“This comic just barely scratches the surface of erotic cartoon history! For more, I suggest checking out some books in Taschen’s boxset, Erotica: 17th- 20th century, there’s also a great collection of Tijuana Bibles edited by Bob Adelman and Art Spiegelman. For erotic comics history check out Erotic Comics 1 & 2 by Tim Pilcher. If you are looking for lovely erotic comics anthologies I highly recommend Smut Peddler edited by Iron Circus/Spike and The Best Erotic Comics series by Greta Christina.”

Thank you, Jess!!