We were so excited to interview Danny Wylde for this weeks comic. Hes a master of pornography making, and the perfect expect to help any of you who might be wanting to make some home made porn.

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If your not near a HomeDepot, and want to pick up a reflector or two, here are some good cheap clamp ones on Amazon.

So much of this interview got left on the editing floor, there’s only so much we can get into a comic! So bellow are the questions I sent to Danny and his responses in full. Plenty of good beginner advice!

Hi Danny! Introduce yourself, what makes you the perfect home-made-porn sexpert?

My name is Christopher Zeischegg. I spent eight years in the adult industry as performer, Danny Wylde. I still work in the adult industry, doing video production and post-production. I’ve also made a handful of extremely DIY, home-made sex tapes for public consumption. They’re mostly featured on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. So basically, I know a lot about porn.

Oh wow that sounds amazing, you’ve done ALOT. You probably know exactly what goes into making good looking porn! If our audience wanted to make some homemade porn, whats the first thing you would tell them?

If you want to make home-made porn, I don’t think you need to worry too much about the aesthetics of a narrative film. Part of the appeal is that the production looks somewhat amateur. Whereas higher end porn may look (relatively) slick and well-produced, homemade porn suggests something more spontaneous and intimate. Whether it’s true or not, the consumer often assumes the sex in homemade porn is more “real.”

That said, porn is a visual medium, so some thought needs to be given to visibility. When I see “bad” amateur porn, the problems are typically “a lack of light” and “poor framing.”

The easiest way to light your bedroom (or whatever) on a budget is to go to Home Depot and buy a few high-wattage bulbs and place them inside aluminum reflectors. The reflectors usually have a clip on them that you can attach to a dresser or curtain rod. Adjust the light so that it bounces off the ceiling and towards whatever area you plan to have sex in. Multiple lights set up like this will brighten your room with non-direct, soft light. It minimizes weird shadows. And if you’re using a low-end, consumer camera (like the one on your phone), it will lessen the likelihood of digital noise (i.e. that stuff that looks like pixellated film grain) that occurs from a lack of light.

As for framing…

Fill up the frame on your camera with as much of you and your partner(s) as possible. If you stick the camera on a tripod on the other side of the room, and your bodies take up less than 1/3 of the frame, we’re just staring at your room. We can’t see your face in any detail. We can’t see the action. It feels less intimate. And it gets boring quick.

You could just pass the camera back and forth if you want to do some mutual POV (point-of-view) shots. Otherwise, set up several cameras that you may be able to cut between. Perhaps one could be focused on your faces and the other could capture your entire bodies.

If you don’t own a tripod, but you and your partner both have phones, try attaching your phones to pieces of furniture via industrial-strength, double-sided tape (warning: this may leave tape residue on your phone and/or furniture). Or get creative, and rig your camera to any sturdy object around your house.

So is equipment important? Should folks be investing in fancy cameras, lights and software?

Like I mentioned before, you could do this all on your phones in conjunction with items from Home Depot. If you’re a bit more film production savvy, you probably don’t need to read this in the first place.

As for editing software, you might want to acquaint yourself with something basic, like iMovie.

Iphones, warmed up, bright lights are on. Now that they are ready to bone, whats next? Any particular angles to keep in mind? ways to frame the camera, golden ratios, stuff like that?

If you set up cameras on tripods (or attached to something that doesn’t move), keep in mind that you’ll likely fuck up whatever framing you had in mind. Because you’ll be having sex and moving around. That’s why I suggest multiple angles (from multiple cameras) or POV shots.

Golden ratios? In homemade porn, does anyone care? Just keep the frame filled with action. If you’re looking to increase aesthetic value, just read a book about film production.

What about editing? Is it important? Anything we should keep in mind?

I think the most important thing to keep in mind with editing is that we want to see what’s happening. For example, I did a film with one of my partners in which we had two cameras rolling simultaneously. One captured our faces, and one was placed overhead to capture the full length of our bodies. When I was on top — in missionary position — the camera overhead mostly captured my back. In that position, it was more interesting to cut to the camera that showed our faces, and our pleasure. Who wants to stare at my back for minutes on end? It’s not engaging.

Any final words of wisdom? Whats THE most important thing for folks to take away from this comic?

Plan ahead so that you have the least bit of thought given to the production once you’re into fucking. No one wants to stop to move the lights and camera. At that point, it’s a job.

Where can folk find more of your work? Got a blog? Porn you want people to check out?

Google “Danny Wylde” and you’ll find your fair share of porn that I’m featured in. If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, my blog is a good place to start. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter.