Oh boy, there’s a lot to say about the Tenga Deep Cup brand. I personally LOVED my little one-shot toy I received a while back. But it’s really hard to actually say somethings good if you’re only able to try it once. According to the Amazon reviews, a lot of folks find it disappointing and I can see why: it feels cheap, is small, and one-use. But… I still really liked it.

I still don’t want you to buy it. I think we’re all better of with Tenga Spiral, or a Fleshlight. But this is what it is, a toy that made ME feel great, then terrible. The fact that most of our favorite stores DON’T stock it, should tell you something.

Is it your birthday or do you fancy trying it for yourself? See the buttons below! Also there’s apparently a ‘US’ sized version for the larger-than-average out there if that interests you!

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