Regular readers migggght be feeling some deja vu (deja… büb?) with today’s strip, as we made one all on the practicaities of becoming familiar with your own breasts in a Breast Self Exam comic a few months back.

But, as next year’s Drawn to Sex book will be all about health, we needed to get a little breast anatomy comic done in addition! It also doesn’t hurt to talk about breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month – seriously, drop a charity or two a dollar and get familiar with your own breasts! I, personally, didn’t really know what the inside structure looked like until we worked on this! (For the record: my first impression was that it looked a lot like the inside of a grapefruit).

Tit for Tat: Some Breast Resources

Abreast: The Basics of Boobies via Scarleteen
Picture of the Breasts via WebMD
Breast via Wikipedia
Yes, Trans Women Can Breastfeed — Here’s How via Them
Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation via The New York Times
Gynecomastia via Wikipedia
Enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia) via Mayo Clinic

Erika and I have been pushing on our work projects amid some health troubles. But regardless, we’re getting excited for the Drawn To Sex: The Basics book release (a signing at SheBop in Portland and hopefully Seattle’s Babeland to be announced soon!). Can’t wait for this boooook, you can pick up a preorder on Amazon!