There’s some pockets of misinformation out there that have labeled BV an STI, though it is not. BUT some STIs (gonorrhea or trichomoniasis) share the same symptoms! Plus, BV can also show up completely symptomless, which is a bugger because how can you fight it if you don’t know it’s there? So double talk to a doc if you feel something funky goin’ on with your downstairs!

During my various vaginal mishaps, I’ve frequently used Vagisil to calm down irritation, but then last year, during an absolutely hellish period of back-to-back yeast infections and/or BV (I don’t remember exactly, it was just awful), my friend gave me this free sample of Momotaro she’d been gifted and it was… the nicest thing I’ve ever put on my pussy when it was in pain??? Like, I’m a convert. Fortunately I haven’t had to use any since then, but the next time my swimsuit area starts burning (we all know it’s just a matter of time) I’m definitely gunna be reaching for that little hippie coohie cream, first. Also, the company keeps their language gender neutral, which is always a bonus.


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