We often hear from folk who want to support our work but can’t afford to become Patreon patrons or buy a book. But it turns out there’s a neat way to passively support us that doesn’t cost you anything extra using Amazon!

Long ago, a reader pointed out to us that there are some sweet internet browser add-ons and extensions out there that will transform internet links into ones that credit Oh Joy Sex Toy’s affiliate accounts! In an act of support, they decided to set theirs so that every time they purchased from Amazon, Oh Joy got a small cut. Setting aside how touching it was to have a reader actively seeking out ways to support us of their own initiative, we also really do actively benefit from it.

Below I’ve posted the extensions I’ve found and a quick ‘how-to-install’, if you want to support us in this way!

Chrome’s Amazing Affiliate Link Extension

  • Once installed, go to Chrome’s Extensions Options (right click the new icon and click options, or go to extensions -> amazing affiliate link -> options)
  • Then Add in ‘ohjoseto-20‘ to the Unites States Amazon Link section
  • See my screenshot for the end result!
  • I recommend you then hide that annoying new icon by right clicking it and picking ‘hide button’

Now when you shop, this handly little bit of code will be added to your amazon links and when you buy anything we’ll be credited! Awesome!

FireFox’s AffiliateFox Add-On

  • Once installed, go to Firefox’s Add-on options (Open Firefox hold ‘Ctr Shift A’ on windows, or ‘⌘ Shift A’ on Mac, navigate to AffiliateFox Addon, and click options!)
  • Then Add in ‘ohjoseto-20‘ to the Unites States Amazon Link section
  • See my screenshot for the end result!

Now this add-on isn’t the greatest (have a better recommendation? email me!) as it only seems to work half the of the time. But that being said, when you surf Amazon the majority of the links will now have our code added on and we’ll be credited with your sales! Woo!

Safari’s Affiliatizer Extension

  • Click on his second link to start your download/install (or click here)
  • Once installed, go to Safari’s preferences (open Safari and hold ‘Ctrl + ,’ on windows, or ‘⌘ ,’ on Mac) Then go to Extensions, and select Affiliateizer
  • Once there, remove all the default affiliate codes that this extension came with, and add in ‘ohjoseto-20‘ to the top Amazon Link section
  • See my screenshot for the end result!

Now when you’re shopping, our little bit of code will be added to your Amazon links, and when you buy anything we’ll be credited! But the even neater part of THIS extension is that it’ll NOT override other peoples affiliate codes AND you can add two other affiliate codes so it’ll randomly pick who to accredit the sale to.

I hate Extensions, how-about a bookmark?

  • Not into add-ons and extensions? You can help us too if you just want to replace your amazon bookmark with our amazon link!
  • This is the link for you!


What on earth are you rattling on about, Matt?

Well, Erika and I make a fair share of our income from Affiliate Sales. We get this by giving you lovely folks links that include a bit of code that tells the vendor where you came from. If you end up buying something, the seller then sends us a small cut as a ‘thank you for sending us this sale’. It’s important to know that when you buy using a link like this you don’t pay extra, and only the seller is paying us out of their pocket. It’s a ‘behind the scenes advertising system’ that’s been around for years and we love it!

The neat thing is, is that it works for ANY thing you buy in the stores and in the case of Amazon that’s A LOT of sales for us to be potentially credited for.

What’s this got to do with extensions, add-ons and Amazon?

With a few clicks you can have our bit of code added to ALL your Amazon links you find when surfing. Meaning no matter how you got to Amazon, and no matter what you buy there, we’ll be credited for every sale.

I should chime in that this isn’t the most perfect way to support us. Some of these extensions will replace other people’s affiliate codes, which means they won’t be credited if you make a purchase after clicking on their site! Keep that in mind if you surf a lot of review sites or charities who use affiliate links: with these extensions you might not be getting them the affiliate sales they deserve! However, you can also use these add-ons and extensions for them, just use their information instead of ours and then they will benefit from every Amazon purchase you make.

And that’s it! If you have a bit of time and want to accredit your future Amazon sales to Oh Joy Sex Toy, we would really appreciate it. But please don’t feel pressured or anything! This also works great for any other sex bloggers or websites who use Amazon affiliation. So if you have someone else out there you want to support in this way, shoot them an email asking for their Amazon affiliate tag!