Today’s comic is such a wonderful mix of things. Autobio, travel journal, Bear culture, community, desire, and self. Hien takes us on a master class whirlwind, really shares with us his heart, thoughts, and moments, and it all hits in such a human way. The feeling of ‘other’ wanting to belong, to be loved, and then surending to that place and group and seeing what might come of it.

Hien had this to share!

This one is dedicated to everyone who hugged and kissed and kept me company during VicBear’s Southern Hibearnation 2022. Thank you for teaching me that it’s ok to want to be loved, and that it’s ok to ask for it. Thank you, too, to my dear friend Lauren without whom the trip wouldn’t be possible! Thank you all, again, from the vers and top and bottom of my bear heart.

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