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Guys we’re doing another BIG giveaway! I’m so excited, I hope you guys are too! Click on the image above to go to the form, and if you’re still not a supporting patron you can become one at Erika’s Patreon here!

Check out all these sweet toys we’re giving away this year! Wooo!

Tantus Uncut #2 ‘mocha’ Dildo
We reviewed its slightly larger brother the Uncut #1. We like this mold! It’s a good dildo!
Our Review!

Tantus Starter ‘Sunset’ pegging Dildo
A very thin cut looking dildo. Perfect for pegging beginners or those looking for very skinny penetrative toys. We’ve not reviewed this but will eventually review a similar one from Tantus. Seems decent!

Tantus Neo Plug ‘purple’ Butt plug!
We’ve got the Tantus ‘Juice’ butt plug (not yet reviewed), which is the same toy but with added grooves. It’s… an alright butt plug (especially for that $40 range), not our go-to butt toy, but good regardless. I would recommended it for intermediate butt users, because it’s pretty big.

Two Fleshlight Quick Shots! One Vantage (see through), one Boost (metallic looking)
We reviewed these and love them! Both of them are great for easy deepthroating BJ experiences.
Our Review!

Fun Factory Bootie ‘Black’ butt plug
We love this little beginner and wallet friendly butt plug!
Our Review!

Fuze Alpha ‘Black’ Harness-Dildo
Fuze make the BEST peggers and harness dildos. We reviewed the Alpha’s little brother, the Velvet, which we loved (more friendly for butts). The Alpha’s a LOT bigger than the Velvet, so less butt-friendly, but still a GREAT harness companion. A+ well recommended!
Our Review!

Tantus Perfect Plug Kit ‘Black’
We almost kept these for ourselves. This is a good little ‘introduction’ or ‘training’ anal kit, with very basic anal plugs. Really good little toys that we thought would be better in our fans’ hands than ours!

Tantus Alan ‘cream’ dildo
Another great Tantus toy we almost kept for ourselves (they sent us so many toys!). This is pretty regular dildo with suction cup and vibration optional features, made from good silicone and a good mold. We’ve not reviewed it and weren’t excited by it. It just didn’t inspire a comic, so now it’s yours!

Tantus Super Soft C-Ring ‘red’ Cock ring
They gave us a two of these and we’re keeping one! A great super stretch cock ring. Great for cock ring beginners who don’t know what size they want, or if you’re gifting to a lover. We’ll eventually review ours, with a positive review!

Uberlube refillable 15ml case
We’ve not yet reviewed this AWESOME silicone lube, but it’ll happen sometime soon. Great, plain clean silicone lube. Love it.

Vibratex Mystic Wand
Erika fucking LOVES this toy. We’re buying this one out of pocket specifically to give away to a lucky someone. Battery powered, quiet, great vibrator.
Our Review!

nJoy Plug ‘medium’
Another one of our all time favs. We’ll be buying this one out of pocket JUST for you. It’s… it’s amazing. You all should be clicking the check box for this one.
Our Review!

Last year for our smaller toy give away we only had about 400 responses, so honestly your chances are pretty good! And don’t hold me to it, but we’re hoping to do a porn giveaway in December later this year too! Trying our best to give back to you awesome supporters.