The Book
Do you love sex? Do you love books?

Me too!

That’s why I’m raising money on Kickstarter to print the first year’s worth of Oh Joy, Sex Toy comics into a beautiful book to hold and cherish and lick and cuddle.

It’s over 220 pages, collecting the hundreds of pages my guest cartoonists and I drew in the last year, plus dozens of pages of brand new comics and bonus content that’s been created just for the book. This new content includes a comic reflecting on the last year of OJST and why I created it, an essay on my first sex store and orgasm, answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, and my first journal comic that I’ve made in years that covers a day in the life of a couple who runs a sex blog. Oh! Plus an introduction written by Dr. Emily Nagoski, a sex educator and writer.

We’re raising the funds to self-publish the book and then if we’re overfunded, we’ll be using that extra money to retroactively back pay our guest cartoonists a higher page rate for the work they did and increase our page rate for all future cartoonists going forward.

I believe strongly in making sex education and positivity accessible and friendly to the average person, and OJST is my attempt to help people realize and enjoy their sexual desires and have healthy sex lives. Being online has allowed thousands of people to find and share my work, and my hope is that with a printed book I’ll be able to reach the people who don’t want anything with ‘sex toy’ in the URL to show up in their browser history or whose work places have banned my site (It’s been banned from a lot of work places!).

If you would like in on this sweet action, direct your dollars this’a way!