Hey Perverts! Here at Oh Joy, Sex Toy we like to stay transparent for you.

I want to talk a bit about our just recently updated adverts (found on the top of the site!). We bumped long time Oh Joy, Sex Toy supporters and advertisers Slip Shine and Filthy Figments to a new level of handmade, custom endorsement-style adverts. It’s not something we do for just anyone or just for money. We put thought into our opinions on sex and think you do too, so we don’t throw endorsements around will-nilly.

Once Slip Shine and Filthy Figments expressed interest in this sort of advert, we asked for accounts to vigorously sample and test each of the sites. Erika and I have both spent a bunch of time on each site and honestly love what both have to offer. They passed our Pervert Quality tests.

With all that being said and done, these are paid-for adverts. Take them in the way they are intended: we fully endorse these sites and think you’ll love them too.