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Drawn to Sex is our series of books collecting just the educational comics from Oh Joy Sex Toy. While The Basics, our first book in this line, was all about, y’know, the basics of doin’ it, THIS sequel, Our Bodies and Health, focuses on the science-y, biology-y side of things.

Subjects covered range from genital construction to pregnancy to abortion to STIs to the various ways your reproductive organs can go haywire on you and what you can do to deal with it all. This collection of positive, compassionate comics is designed to help the reader learn about difficult topics without shame or judgement, and squeeze in a dad joke here and there.

Original Blog Entry While the Book Was Being Kickstarted in May 2020:
All the pre-orders through Kickstarter not only help us deliver the finished book to our backers, but also directly funds the Oh Joy Sex Toy project and enables us to hire the dozens of talented guest cartoonists we feature each year. It’s kind of a fundraiser for our sex positive comic operation overall.

Our Kickstarter is also the only place where you can get signed or sketch-in copies, or an original drawing! My normal work schedule doesn’t leave me time to take take on freelance art jobs, but this is the one time of the year I make an exception, so take advantage of it!

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