Little mini update, to let you all know we’ve changed up our Posting Comics Elsewhere License recently!

We now want to encourage you to post our Back Catalogue of comics elsewhere
We just ask that you include clear and strong attribution back to Oh Joy Sex Toy with a present URL & a URL to which ever guest artist created that comic! Bonus points if you link to our Patreon too!

To help you… we’ve been busy updating a lot of the older comic’s into a newer Split Page Format so they’d be easier to else elsewhere! It’s not always obvious to notice, but these comics have been split apart into nice re-postable comic pages – we just use fancy html to hide the excess – but all the pages are there on the page. Right click and View Image in Tab and you should be able to see what we mean!

The algorithms out there haven’t been kind to ol’ OJST – so finding and sharing your fav older comics onto Reddit or any other nsfw-friendly-platform with a link back, would mean the world to us! Help us drum up some much needed support!

We’re also still on the hunt for folks to help us run a Reddit board – Reach out if that sounds like you!