Erika and I have been in and out of our local courthouse for a bunch of things like jury duty this week. Toss in a crazy visual migraine that I’m having right now (it’s like I’m LIVING in Annihilation’s Shimmer [the movie/books***], headache and all) and, welp, we gotta dip into the guest artist pool! Our misfortune is YOUR gain this week because we’ve got a real DOOZY of a comic to share. G.C. Houle is dropping some FANTASTIC art as well as education bombs left, right, and center.

I fucking LOVED getting this one and G.C. is a constant pleasure to work with. Remember their previous comic on hair? GOLD. Anyway, go drop them a message of thanks so they’ll want to make us MORE comics in the future =D

***This is such a tangent, but FUCK, have you guys read the Southern Reach trilogy yet? I read these things a bunch of years ago and they BLEW MY MIND. The writer’s use of terroir (Not a typo this time) and suggestive language paints a picture without actually directly telling you what it is, it leaves a TASTE in your mouth. It’s so good and I love them so much I ended up spending the winter reading the books aloud to Erika. Anywhose, check it out? If you liked the movies PLEASE give the books a try too! It’s Sex-Toy-Reviewer-Matthew-Approved!