My love for my Paragard IUD knows no bounds, I think it is the best thing ever (for me) and I’ve had mine in since 2006– ALTHOUGH I also know a good number of people who had very negative reactions to having an IUD (hormonal or non), so it’s definitely not the Be All, End All birth control for everyone. Unfortunately, when it comes to birth control, you won’t know if it works for you until you try it. Sigh!

If you’d like to learn more, may I recommend the following links?
ParagardThe official site!
IUD Birth Control info at Planned ParenthoodYour one-stop-shop for reproductive health information
Paragard Wikipedia EntryIt’s Wikipedia! You know what that is!

You may note that I mention Planned Parenthood somewhat regularly on this ol’ comic/blog/website and that is because they provided me with kind, humane, affordable healthcare when I was young and broke. Since 2006, I’ve been donating and volunteering and fundraising to pay them back and express my gratitude.

Speaking of which, this year’s Planned Parenthood art print fundraiser with Lucy Knisley is drawing to a close! We’ve currently raised and donated $1,400 and still have five prints left SOLD OUT. Remember, each print sold = $50 donated to Planned Parenthood.
Party With Planned Parenthood
Be one of the final five patrons to get this limited edition print, signed and numbered by both Lucy and me, and support an organization that helps people be in charge of their reproductive health.