Oh wow, the Autoblow2. It’s… a thing, for sure.

I think you can guess that I’m not a fan. It was one of those things from IndieGoGo that pops ups and gains traction. Fantastic introduction video and all. I can’t say if this is a toy that will be suitable for many of you. I’m sure that for some it’ll be perfect. But for the Matthews of the world? Stay clear, your moneys just better off in the bank. I’m honestly thankful for having tried it, but this bad boy will be staying on the shelf: no more penis time for YOU!

Okay, Erika here!

If today’s Masturbateer looks familiar, that’s because they are the beloved queer porn star and cartoonist, Vid Tuesday! Vid is an absolute treasure and has been such a lovely, supportive, inspiring person to me for years, so it was an honor to draw them in today’s strip. Vid, thank you so much for all your kindness over the years and for supporting the OJST Kickstarter at the “Be a Masturbateer For a Day” level!!! Drawing them was a delight ♥ ♥ ♥

A pretty cool contest is happening over at Kinkly! The sex blogger with the most votes wins $500— oh dang! All’s you gotta do is click on the “Click Here to Vote” button that appears on every blog’s listing, including Oh Joy Sex Toy‘s. Some of my personal fav sex blogs are Sugarbutch, Jiz Lee, and Sexational!