Of course there’s so much more to learn about yeast infections than we had room to cram in this comic! I encourage you to check out the resources below, unless you need to buy some over-the-counter medication right now, in which case HERE YOU GO:

Okay, so, resources!

Scarleteen has several super thorough articles:
FBI Files: Candidiasis, AKA, Yeast Infections
Honorably Discharged: A Guide to Vaginal Secretions
The why and how-not of yeast infections
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And if you want some concise, bullet-point style information, Planned Parenthood’s got the deets on Yeast Infections and Vaginitis and of course Wikipedia has the low down on Candida albicans, the fungus responsible for yeast infections.

I also checked in with Period Expert Tracy Puhl over at GladRags to get her advice on using menstrual products when you’re surfing that white, chunky river.

Here’s my totally-not-a-doctor-and-never-personally-had-a-yeast-infection advice:

Use a cloth pad (or, I guess, a 100% cotton pad — you want it to be non-irritating definitely) to catch the overflow. Using a cloth pad or disposable pad that has a plastic backing is going to trap in moisture and heat and create an excellent bacteria breeding ground. Using a disposable pad with chemical gels/fragrances/whatever else is not going to help your poor vagoo either, because of the potential for irritation and the lack of breathability. Also, wear cotton underwear ;)

Definitely DON’T use something internal when you have a yeast infection until it’s fully cleared up. A tampon is probably the worst thing you could add to a yeast infection! I wouldn’t use a Moon Cup either during a yeast infection—your vagina should be self-cleaning, and you really don’t want to get in its way.

If you use anything reusable during a yeast infection, you need to make sure they are sterilized before using again or you run the risk of re-infection (undies included). I’d soak my pads in white vinegar diluted in water before using again, and I’d boil my menstrual cup. And of course, talk to your health care provider because your experience may vary!

Anyway, that is my long-winded answer based on the knowledge I have from our customers. Hope that helps :)

Alright! That’s it! If you’re suffering from an infection, dang, hang in there. You’re gunna get through it, friend!