SOS for UTI! Thank god we’ve got a time-traveling Charlie to help us in our moment of urinary need ;D

Honest to god, these things can be the absolute worst. Get yourself to a doctor PRONTO and if you need more comic material while you wait to pee out the curse, Erika and I covered this subject once in the past. Read all about our pee-in-pants-run-across-town adventure here!

A huge thank you to Charlie this week for covering this one! It came out stunning!

NOW- some NEWS!

I know I’ve been making noise about it the past few weeks, here in the bottom of the posts. BUT if you haven’t already heard – Erika has JUST released her new PATREON! Now we have two of them! One just for this Oh Joy Sex Toy sex-positive community comic project and the other just for Erika Moen! You can and should read up all about it over here, in Erika’s mega post! But here’s some direct links for you too, below.

Any kind of support would be incredible and rewards you with tons of exclusive comics and content.

Erika Moen Patreon
(Just Erika Moen! Monthly subscription)

OhJoySexToy Patreon
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