Happy Hallopeen friends! Today Alina is sharing her very fun and very NSFW comic with you all. A haunted horny VHS tape just in time for Halloween? HECK YES.

Alina worked super hard on this fun comic and deserves some clicks and follows!

Start of next month, Erika is going to announce her new Patreon (don’t worry we’ll be keeping the OJST one!), for just her and her work! It’s a really scary time for us (thematically in keeping with the holidays, I suppose ;D) as a lot of OJST’s income will be up in the air. If you enjoy what we do and want to see us continue to hire artists like Alina each and every week and give them all a safe space to explore sex-positive comics, please consider supporting us with a buck or two. This very second it really would make such a difference!