Erika and I got slammed with a post thanksgiving cold this past week, so Shing has stepped up, delivering to you some awful sex toy stories. You’re welcome.

Shing’s an incredibly talented artist, in the most broadest way possible: if there’s some creative task out there, then more than likely she’s tried it out and perfected it. We recommend you check out her website! She’s also on Tumblr and Twitter!

It’s ‘dealz’ season in all the shops, and while we’re not up-to-date with all the different promotions currently available, we made a comic that’s our go-to recommended toy list for 2014 to help with your purchases!

It’s also time we remind you to come to our Oh Joy Sex Toy BOOK RELEASE PARTY this December 7th from 7-9pm at the brand new She Bop located at 3213 SE Divsion, Portland. They’ll be selling our favorite toys for 10% off that night AND I’ll be giving away an exclusive print to anyone who buys anything in their store. Pretty awesome.