Like the comic says, thoughts and actions are two very different things! A bunch of really smart, insightful articles have already been written diving into the sometimes fun, sometimes upsetting, subject of sexual fantasies and I encourage you to read up on them if this subject has piqued your interest or you have further questions!

(The keen observer will note that a number of these links go to Scarleteen, which relies on public support to provide its comprehensive sex education for free. Kick ‘em a buck or two if you can, please!)

Can my fantasies be inappropriate? -Scarleteen

Are my fantasies normal? -Scarleteen

I like fantasizing about it: would I like it for real? -Scarleteen

SEXUALITY MATTERS: demystifying your fantasies -Delaware County News Network

What Do Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You? Here’s What the Experts Say -Bustle

Dark Fantasies, Part 1 -Dear Sugars
(I haven’t listened to Part 2 yet, but I assume it’ll be just as informative and compassionate as its predecessor!)

Fantasizing About Someone Else Is Not Cheating -The Cut

25 Sex Fantasies Women Have that are Totally Normal (and Hot) -Glamour

EDIT – Matt
Something we didn’t really mention in today’s comic is Sexual Fantasies VS Intrusive Thoughts, both very different things that can be conflated with one another. It’s worth us quickly mentioning here that not all your thoughts are latent fantasies or desires. Sometimes your brain’s gonna torture you with crap because it’s wired that way. We really recommend you read up on Intrusive Thoughts elsewhere, this looks like a great place to start.

Our comic today is a light introduction to sexual fantasies and only looks at it on a surface level. There’s SO much to how our brains work, so we really encourage you to treat this is a starting point as you go forward an do more research on your own!