Like I mentioned in the comic, I reviewed the original Mystic Wand waaay back in the day. It is worth checking out that comic not just because I genuinely liked this toy (This was before my sex toy reviewing days so I PAID FULL PRICE FOR IT) but also because, LOL, I discovered it after being eliminated as a contestant on a reality TV show. You can read about it in the aforementioned comic!

But yeah, back on topic: The Mystic Rechargeable. Wow. I really fucking love it. I’m so impressed Vibratex actually improved a product that was practically perfect already.

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The comic does note that Vibratex is one of our friends-with-benefits, which generally just means we have an affiliate plan with a company so that we make a small percentage back if anyone purchases a toy using one of our affiliate links. In this case, it also means that Vibratex is currently (From September 2017-2018) one of our two sponsors, under the name of their more famous product, The Magic Wand. Rest assured, this does not impact my review in any way, and, in fact, I received and loved this specific toy well before their sponsorship. You can learn more about what sponsorship entails here!