We’re on the ramp-up to Valentine’s Day! So Curleebunny is here with an adorable and silly sexy comic, to warm you all up with. We hope you like it! It was just a pleasure to see in development, and I’m so happy you all get to see it now!

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Just a reminder to any of you out there; We’re on the hunt for more and new guest comics. Especially comics about sex education and personal stories! Absolutely fine too if it’s a comic or subject we’ve had in the past; as we continue to develop into something more community-driven, newer and fresher voices are much needed on well-worn topics, especially on the subject of sex!

So if you’ve been wanting a chance to show up on OJST. We’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email!

ALSO – as we approach Valentine’s we get asked a lot about THE best toys to get. But thing is, Erika and I have been out/taking a break from the toy review game for nearly 6 months, so don’t have the freshest opinions. That being said. If you want to know what still lives by our bedside, the real honest to god tried-and-trues, check out our Best of from last year. It’s a real beast of a list and absolutely where I’d start when shopping.