Happy hourly comics day everyone!

This is my 7th year participating (my past hourly comics can be read here) and so happy to have been able to log a full day of working on porn for you all! I really enjoy the job I have, I find it’s very rewarding, and even if some panels can be tough to get right I know I’ve become a better artist after finishing them!

The page I was working on throughout this comic is part of a finished story that I have up on my Patreon.

Matthew here with some extra bonus links:

– If you liked Jey’s comic today, consider peeking at the rest of their comics here. They’ve made us a whole bunch of amazing comics over the years!
– Also, Jey’s currently open for commissions – which you should 100% sign up for if you’re keen for some art.
– Finally, Erika and I drew an hourly comic back in 2017 if you want to check it out too!