Join us for a Twitter chat on Thursday, 2/5, from 6-7pm PST with hosts Scarleteen, GladRags, and Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Erika Moen.

What are we chatting about? SEX! It’s a party as old as time, but now with more advice and accessories. Non-profit sex experts, Scarleteen will be on hand to lead a fun conversation about sex and menstruation.

All chat participants will receive an exclusive coupon to GladRags, and one participant will be chosen at random to receive a prize pack that includes: A Moon Cup + 3 Pantyliners from GladRags, 1 Oh Joy Sex Toy book, and the book “S.E.X. : The All-You-Need-to-Know Guide to Get You Through High School and College“.

We’re excited! Bring your friends and frenemies!