Boum’s BACK and talking all about breastfeeding and sex. If you remember, she was here only a few months ago talking about Pregnancy Sex.

I was a bit sad to hear recently that she plans on stopping her long time running auto bio comic, so that she could spend more time with the kids and try new comics. But I’m ALSO excited to see what she does next – Boum’s just a powerhouse of a comics creator and I’m sure whatever she’ll move onto will blow all our socks off. It’s also kind of a good thing for us readers? I think it can be really satisfying reading a whole and finished comic series, having the knowledge that it’s finite.

If you remember rightly, last week I talked about how today’s comic would be all about Chastity Devices. WELP. We decided to put a big ol’ pause on it after running into some unusual issues. We’ll pick it back up in the future I’m sure, and Erika will be writing a bunch more about it on her Patreon, maybe even sharing a sneak peak of the version we’ll ultimately rework.