An incredible autobio comic on breasts, sensation, mastectomies, and surgery.

Susannah Hainley‘s comic on her mastectomy and implants really surprised me! One of the personal benefits about working on Oh Joy Sex Toy is the regular exposure to brand new topics and treatments that would never have occurred to me on my own and today’s story is the perfect example. That diagram of a quartered breast, displaying how the tissue, implant, and nerves all fit together? Wow. Not only was it super illuminating but also a genuinely beautiful illustration to boot.

There’s always so much more to learn and Susannah’s surgeon actually has a page further explaining Sensation Preserving Mastectomies, explaining what they are and how they are performed.

In OJST news: After last week’s survey, Matt and I are pretty sure we will continue with the same billing system on the Patreon, rather than switching it to a new method. We are both so grateful to everyone who took the time to participate in the survey and give us thoughtful feedback! We couldn’t have made an informed decision without our patrons weighing in. Thank you so much to those who participated! Patreon pays for all the comics posted here, and in exchange our patrons get exclusive content and bonus comics.