Hot damn, this sexy BDSM comic gets horny. Michel is here today, pushing ALL the buttons! BDSM safety, gloves, gags, monster-dongs, orcs, elves, hot-sweaty-drooly-sexy, AND clever BANTER… ALL IN 5 PAGES. I didn’t think it could be done =D

We’re officially a few weeks away from OJST turning TEN YEARS OLD. I think a horny comic like today’s sets the perfect celebratory tone as we ramp up for our DECADE of comics =D Erika and I have been nursing Covid these past two weeks, but it hasn’t stopped us and the team from secretly planning a Pledge Drive filled with bonuses! April will be a big month for us and we’re hoping you’ll be there to celebrate with us!

In the meantime, go tell Michel he’s awesome sauce.

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