This, Dearest Perverts, is where the magic happens.

…Well, this is where the magic get’s stored and put on display, anyway.

Over the weekend Matthew and I did yard work, mopped the floors, and FINALLY re-organized our sex toy cabinet in the living room. In our 101-year-old house, I’m pretty sure originally it was meant to be a China Hutch, but when you work in the sex toy review business obviously it’s gunna be where you store your dildos. I mean, duh.

Lemme give you a tour!
In the year-ish since we moved in, we’ve done our best to put our toys on display as attractively as possible, but we didn’t have any actual props to, well, prop up the toys that prefer to lie down or are too short to be seen when the cabinet doors are closed. It was a pretty hodge-podge arrangement, with the smaller toys all clumped together at the feet of the toys that could stand upright on their own or could be successfully leaned against the wall without falling over.

Until today!
We unexpectedly found ourselves in an antique mall and realized it could solve our display problems! We wound up buying a stack of those cardboard containers you use to hold berry pints, two turquoise mini-shelves, and a glass bell jar– all for $20!

Well, $20.47, if we want to be totally honest.

Anyway, we just wanted to show off how pretty our dildo hutch is!