Today’s toy was a difficult one to review. It’s frustrating when you have a well-made, good toy that just isn’t quite the right fit for you personally! But I am confident this IS the right toy for other people out there with hardier bits than mine.

It’s a completely different animal and my husband and I adore it, even if we can’t tame it.

So yes, if you want to try and tame the beast yourself, use our link bellow! Go show em love, and at the very least check out Dr.X.Treme’s youtube videos!

Buy it from Orgasmatronics

EDIT 04/26/15
Updated the link to the NEW and improved X2 Orgasmatron Toy. They upgraded it a bunch, check it out!

EDIT 12/14/14
The good folks at Orgasmatronics Inc. wrote to tell me they’ve made a NEW harness for their cunt-punching hardware. While we’re not going to be reviewing the harness we are excited and keen to promote it. It’s made by the Aslan harness people (pretty much the best in the biz)! Check it out, especially if you have this bad boy toy at home.