Just a wholesome story about two best friends giving each other a helping hand in these hard times ;D

Edit July 2022 – Removed links.
Note: As with every comic on OJST, the characters depicted in this comic are over 18, non-related and consenting adults.


There is one day left to a super important poll we’ve got going on the Patreon. If you’re a supporter of the site (or Erika), please go there and fill it out! We’re using it to help plan out the future of what we do here!

Right now? With the data we’ve gotten so far? It’s starting to look like we’ll keep OJST going without Erika! We’d create a new Patreon for her own content and I’d change up how OJST is run. Right this second I’m contemplating bringing on some regular guest artists and a few new voices to help with editorial (as I don’t want OJST to be run by just one cis white guy!). Hopefully, we’ll be designing it up this week and we’ll see some changes in the next few months. Running OJST without Erika isn’t something I ever wanted to do, but the last few weeks of contemplating my life without this site has really opened my eyes to how much I value what I do here. Hearing from folks regularly about what the site means to you all, knowing this isn’t just a webcomic, but a platform for people to visit, learn and discover artists – it gives me a purpose in life, one I’d gotten blind to until it was all about to stop.

We don’t have to lose OJST, just change it a bit to set Erika free for a while =)