Hi everybody.

It’s been in the news lately that We-Vibe have been found guilty of tracking and using users’ sexual information through their more recently made app-enabled sex toys. While we haven’t had a chance to review one of the We-Vibe 4 Plus models, we have reviewed a few of We-Vibe’s other toys, so we felt it prudent to warn folks interested in picking up a more modern We-Vibe toy that their sexy-info might not be very secure!

We still love our old We-Vibe 2, the Tango, and more recently the Nova (which DOES have an app feature which we purposely didn’t use), and don’t think you should avoid any of them, they are GOOD toys. Instead what we’re recommending is to wait for We-Vibe to remedy their problem and just avoid the app features for your toys for right now – don’t let your We-Vibe connect to the internet!

It’s probably a handy idea to treat ALL your sex toys this way for a while too. I’ve a sneaky feeling it’s not JUST We-Vibe who’ve been lax in sex toy privacy security issues, and that the industry as a whole is going to go through a bit of a wake up. Apps are a fun feature that have never felt core to our sex toy experiences – we’re more interested in the rumble it brings to our jungle, rather than the stats or wireless features which always felt gimmicky, and I guess that would be my recommended take-away for you: If you’re interested in getting a sex toy, ignore the ‘app’ side of it and just consider the toy at face value. How’s it going to make my junk FEEL even if I don’t use the app?

Hope that helps! Stay safe everyone!