X-Art, is posh porn. They’ve figured out the equation to make beautiful intimate pornography with great lighting and camera work. Highly recommended!
Bright Desires is new to the scene, run by a lovely lady who hand picks her content and we’ve been blow away by her selections. We’re expecting this to take (and get you) off.
CrashPad is a staple for gay, queer & trans* pornography. Shot by a great crew who is passionate about what they do and filled with gorgeous alternative models, it’s a must watch; we adore it.
We Love Kink.com; it’s a bit extreme, but it covers SO much of the BSDM spectrum. From what we’ve heard they are super nice people and treat their staff well. We like these guys!
Slipshine has a ton of Adult comics. If you’re looking for more fun sexy art, this is definitely the home for you.
HardBlush is a Gay Furry Comics Site. We love illustrated porn in all its forms, and these are fantastic! If you’re looking to explore the furry-world this is the place to start. Highly recommended.
Artdecademonthly is another boy on boy furry site, run by a nice fella who pumps out a TON of content. Honestly its amazing how many comics he has behind that pay wall. Recommended to us, and well worth you checking out.
Porn director extraordinaire has her own website with TONS of full length, people friendly, high class porn. Highly recommended for the high amount of boners you’ll pop.
Wow, CockyBoys, has some amazingly porn on show case. A friend recommended it to us and we’ve not looked back: awesome.
FrolicMe is a Uk based small studio aimed at couples, we fell in love with their porn straight away. Well recommended!
You already know Amazon! They stock everything, we like linking them as it lets you guys buy your toys as part of your normal day-to-day shopping.
Goodvibes is the leading sex toy provider and educator since 1977- they’ve been around the block and know what’s what! They’re awesome and care about catering to a diverse community of all different bodies and sexualities (Read Matts short post about them)
Lovehoney’s a great site with excellent customer service. We’ve had great contact with them, and enjoyed their products for ages. If your from the UK, visit the UK site here! Annddddd if your from Australia, visit them here!
I love GladRags for all our feminine hygiene products! Ever since I got my first MoonCup and cloth pads, I’ve never used a disposable tampon or pad since. Matthew and I are pretty great friends with the owner and I have been using her products for years. Highly recommended!
We LOVE Babeland so much we wrote a blog post about them!
Early to Bed is another small independent store. Keeping Chicago supplied with personal friendly advice and toys since 2001, they are experts we trust. Almost all of our high quality toys have come from Searah’s store, we trust her completely and you should too!
The Stockroom is our go-to-place for kink and BDSM gear. A new addition to our affiliates: we wanted a trusted place to direct those of you who love leather.
Guys Come As You Are is our go-to Canadian place. Run by great people! We adore this small store, and are extra happy they signed on with us.
Bad Dragon are a friendly bunch who cater to fantastical needs with their fantastical toys
PleasureChest is our east coast go-to. Good folk running friendly stores!